What to Do in Case of an Ankle Sprain
By Southern Maine Foot & Ankle, PA
April 08, 2020
Category: podiatry
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How your podiatrist in Scarborough, Maine can help if you’ve sprained your ankle.

A sprained ankle can put you on the couch, unable to enjoy your daily activities. Fortunately, your podiatrist can help with several effective treatment options to get you up and going again. Dr. Peter Ocampo at Southern Maine Foot & Ankle can help you recover from a sprained ankle. He has two convenient office locations in Scarborough, and Windham, Maine to help you.

A sprained ankle is a common problem, and not just among athletes. You can sprain your ankle by walking on uneven ground or stepping off of a curb. You may be at greater risk of an ankle sprain if you carry extra weight, or if you are getting older. Problems with balance and flexibility can contribute to your risk too.

There are several signs and symptoms of a sprained ankle. You may experience:

  • A sudden popping sound from your ankle
  • Swelling and bruising around your ankle
  • Tightness and loss of ankle mobility
  • Acute pain when you try to put weight on your ankle

It’s important for you to know what to do immediately after you have sprained your ankle. You need to:

  • Elevate your ankle and take the weight off of it
  • Place ice packs on our ankle several times each day
  • Wrap your ankle with compression bandages to add support

You should seek out the help of your podiatrist as soon as possible if you have a severe ankle sprain. Early treatment can lead to early recovery. Dr. Ocampo may recommend:

  • Using crutches to allow your ankle to heal
  • Wearing a walking boot, splint or cast to support your injured ankle
  • Physical therapy to maintain flexibility and increase strength
  • Taking prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling

For severe ankle sprains, surgery may be indicated. Dr. Ocampo can discuss this option with you if it’s necessary. You deserve to get back on your feet, free of pain from an ankle sprain. To find out more about ankle sprain treatment and other podiatry services, call Dr. Peter Ocampo of Southern Maine Foot & Ankle with offices in Scarborough at (207) 883-0865 or his office in Windham, Maine at (207) 892-5072. Call today.